Designed by Camille Jouarre and Archie Heaslip at CI Studio

Art Direction: Mel O'Rourke

Crafting of Logotype: Signal Type Foundry

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Digital / Icons / Logo / Branding / App

Sanctifly is a global provider of healthy alternatives to airport downtime for the frequent business traveller through its mobile app. With Sanctifly, all members are granted exclusive access to a host of wellness activities along with fitness and leisure facilities via the Sanctifly worldwide airport hotel network.

The Sanctifly logotype is composed of a crafted set of letters including a customised S which can be used separately as a stand-alone icon. The S takes its cue from airline branding and mimics the sense of wellness and freedom experienced through use of the product, while conveying the key sentiment of the brand sign-off, Travel Well.

Collaborating with their digital strategy team, Minicorp, in designing the mobile app which included a refresh of the app layout to improve the user experience as well as the creation of a custom icon set which covers the range of activities and features Sanctifly members can avail of while travelling.