Designed by Scott Burnett, Kevin Horan, Rory Bradley, Brian Heffernan, Archie Heaslip and Aleksandra Kulecka at Aad

Illustrator & Director: Johnny Kelly

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Campaign / Illustration


Saorview is entering a new chapter of its development. Having launched as an accessible solution for digital switch-over, it then developed into a viable alternative to pay TV. While Saorview has always offered free TV, it understands the way people watch TV is changing, and so it is too. 

We helped them develop a strategy for this new chapter. An understanding of how people watch TV now – online, on their terms and to their tastes, formed the basis of our brand development. We highlighted the flexibility of Saorview which allows people to access free TV in a number of ways. And we moved from talking about channels to talking about TV and shows. This not only allows us to connect with people via the TV they like, but also allowed us to tackle the challenge that the service is perceived to have a limited number of channels. 

Working with illustrator and animator Johnny Kelly we developed a suite of icons that represent different types of TV. These illustrate what people love about TV and suggest that there’s more content than they expected without being drawn in to a content war with pay per view competitors.