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Designed by Scott Burnett and Johnny Kelly at Aad

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Industry: Cultural

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Shape is a short film about design and its place in the world. Its purpose is to get young people thinking more about design and how it impacts their lives. The role of the website was to house the film but also to provide a context for a lot of the ideas contained in it. We hoped the film would make people curious and so developed the site as somewhere they could start to explore some of the questions they might have.

The film shows design as it happens in peoples lives, rather than within fields of design. We continued this idea on the site, creating a series of pages that outline design in different contexts. We developed all the content, giving a brief introduction to designs place in each context and a series of questions designed to get children looking for examples. The pages were finished with links to further information about the design areas featured in each context. Gifs and illustrations from the film help bring the ideas to life.