2014 Selection

Designed by Scott Burnett, Kevin Horan and Rory Bradley at Aad

Animation: Alex Bradley

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

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We were approached by Silvercloud to help deliver a brand that would establish them internationally and to help make sense of what they do, which is complex as well as having multiple audiences.

A health tech company, they deliver programmes for a range of mental and behavioural health issues. All their programmes are designed by clinical experts and use proven approaches such as CBT. We had to communicate this to end users of the service in a way that made sense and felt aimed at them as well as the various types of organisation that are actually Silverclouds customers.

Our approach spanned identity design, content generation and brand and information architecture resulting in wide range of communication tools including logo and sub logos, tagline, core concepts, icons, website, animation and illustration.

The core idea is that Silvercloud offers a safe space to escape the negative thoughts of the various conditions they treat. This was expressed in all facets of the identity and content.