Designed by David Wall, Conor Nolan and Archie Heaslip at WorkGroup

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate


Founded just four years ago, Sonica has quickly built a reputation for excellence in the highly competitive area of interior fitouts. Their projects are known for the calibre of client, and the care taken in finishing to the highest standards. Sonica identified the opportunity to better connect the presentation of the business with the work that is created. We worked closely with the MD and team to establish an identity system that reflects Sonica’s bold and ambitious vision.

Deliverables exist either in public spaces: for example building site hoarding and vehicle livery; or in more person-to-person contexts: including business cards, tender proposals and other printed stationery. These contrasts reflect what Sonica does: building trust at a personal level by delivering at scale.

Sonica’s bid and proposal documents were an important deliverable of the new identity. We created a modular, flexible template system which allow for the Sonica team to create and present these documents more easily and to a higher standard. Using a simple but versatile component system of binders, delivery boxes and folders, the Sonica identity lives in every piece of this communication exercise

On-site, the team’s uniforms, safety notices and the dressing of spaces are all considered as facets of the brand. This is also borne out in the livery treatments for Sonica’s fleet of vehicles.

Sonica’s online presence is another important manifestation of the identity. Here, projects are central, used as a means to clearly talk about what is important to Sonica, and what clients can benefit by partnering with them.

The graphic treatment has a singular approach in its of use of colour, type and logo placement — every opportunity for impact is ruthlessly exploited. The treatments reflect the energy, pride and determination of this rapidly expanding business. Every application was considered in the context of production and scale, so that the best quality outcome could be achieved consistently. Across all applications, the identity creates space for variety and Sonica’s bold and direct personality to shine through.