The Law Society of Ireland Rebrand (2014)

We were challenged to rebrand The Law Society of Ireland, reflecting the organisation’s vision for the future, while remaining faithful to a respected brand that has existed since the nineteenth century.

We held many workshops with The Law Society to fully understand their perception of themselves and their vision for the future. From these sessions we concluded that the new brand identity should be more of a ‘brand refresh’ than a radical departure – but that this ‘refresh’ would have to give expression to The Law Society’s dynamism, responsiveness and focus on the future. We redrew the elements of the Coat of Arms, deconstructing them and rebuilding them again. While doing this we stayed ever-aware that, because we were referencing the past, we needed to get the styling perfect in order to deliver a contemporary logo in a palette of indigo and ochre. Along with the visual identity assets, we also wrote their brand guidelines and tone of voice.