The Water Orchard


Designed by Sarah Moloney at Sarah Moloney

Logo Design: Karl Watson

Performance Photography: Ste Murray

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Theatre

Collapsing Horse Theatre Company approached me with two jobs in one, to design a poster and promotional material for an upcoming play, The Water Orchard (a surreal theatrical comedy about shouting into the winds of change), and also to create a design identity for them.

Collapsing Horse are a young, successful Irish theatre company, who create playful, interesting, modern theatre. I wanted to reflect this in the design style. I created a design template for flyers, posters, and programmes. The programme was designed to encourage the audience member to keep it after the play, either as a poster, or a folded down souvenir. The use of a fold was a nod to their origami-style logo, and also from the theatre’s approach of seeing and making things that others don’t.

The poster image I created for the play was in reference to one of the main characters of the story, who disappears out of reality and into a psychedelic and surreal world.