Theatre Forum

Theatre Forum's annual conference has always been a focal point of the arts calendar. An opportunity for art makers, organisers and managers to get together and discuss the challenges and opportunities of the day. A challenge had been growing over the last few years which formed the basis of the brief for this years conference curator Roise Goan and for us. The general perception was that the event was aimed at people working in larger arts organisations. While this may have been the case several years ago, the arts landscape had long since shattered into much smaller organisations and individuals. The challenge was not only to convey that this event was for individuals but that it was curated around this new context and their particular needs and that their viewpoints and ideas would not only be listened to but were being actively sought.

Our approach was to develop a suite of communications that invite people to add their own questions and offer possible answers. This approach helped break down the perception that it was a closed event for a particular audience and sent the message that they're 'all in this together'. Printed 2 contrasting colours to emphasis the Questions and Answers concept the interactive idea worked across invites, programme, lanyards and posters, with attendees asked to fill in their questions and add them to a large wall, and also to offer any answers they might have.