Third Circle (2015)

Third Circle is an independent microbrewery that has its beginnings in Co Wicklow, where Third Circle Director and Brewmaster Jon Grennan grew up, like other craft beer enthusiasts, Jon spent several years home brewing all the while developing a passion and love for the art of craft brewing. With his background in freshwater biology, Jon has always taken the scientist’s precision and approach to brewing his beer and mixed this with a healthy disrespect for convention.

Our priority for Third Circle was to create a simple yet unique label that clearly identified them within their expanding market. The label carries the brand’s logo (foil blocked) as its main visual asset, with the company’s various beers being identified by their own individual mark, which is designed to represent the beer’s primary ingredient in a clean and modernist fashion.

With each new beer we rotate the colour of the foil block to best represent the beer in question and develop a new symbol accordingly. This approach keeps the label fresh, allows for individual beers to be easily recognised through both colour coding and iconography whilst being printed in a cost effective and sustainable way, the latter being a fundamental aspect of our original brief.