Vote for Women

2018 Selection

Designed by Katie Kidd

Project Co-Founder / Copywriter: Avril Delaney

Photographer: Laragh McCann

Risograph Printing: Or Studio

Exhibition Co-ordination: Hen's Teeth

Sound Design: Frank Sweeney / Gareth Smyth

Animation for Social: Daire O'Suilleabhain

Categories: Printed Publication / Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography


It was significant that 100 years after getting voting rights, Irish women were using that vote to claim reproductive rights. However, a lot of young Irish people weren’t registered to vote in this important referendum. We sought to take the energy and pride from the centenary celebrations and channel it into encouraging people to get on the voting register.

We pose-matched the iconic imagery from the Suffragette era, and created an emotive social film which we used to launch the project on International Women’s Day.

Taking further inspiration from the Suffragettes, who relied on the distribution of printed matter to get their message out there, we created a zine with practical information on registering to vote and straightforward information explaining why a vote for repealing the 8th was a vote for women’s wellbeing, safety and healthcare.

We distributed this zine in as many places as we thought of that young, unregistered voters would find it. The zine unfolded to become a protest placard to use at marches in the run up to the referendum.

The project culminated in a fundraising exhibition with Hen’s Teeth, “The Art of Protest”; where we invited female artists to create work inspired by protest.