We Wear More (2014)

Designed by Stephen Kiernan, Poncho Byrne and Ian Fraher at Atomic

photographer: Kieran O'Donoghe

Art Director: Ross Giles

Copywriter: Frances O'Rourke

Categories: Print

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Poster / Sport / Social

Website: wewearmore.ie/

The Gaelic Players Association needed a campaign to speak to its 2,500 members about breaking down the stigma of mental health and emotional wellbeing. Like many young men, players rarely talk about their feelings and some have had experiences with depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide. And they also have to deal with the pressure of match day. We created the concept of ‘We Wear More’ using high-profile players to show that despite being inter-county heroes, these are also young men with issues to deal with.