Woodie's 30 Year Anniversary


Designed by Eileen O'Neill, Andrew Blood, Katie Kavanagh and Judy Cecil at Principle

Production Styling: Eleanor Harpur

Photography: Big 30 : Trevor Hart

Photography Behind the Scenes DIY: Gary Belcher

Video Director: Dermot Malone at Banjoman

Set Builders: W Display

Categories: Promotional / Environmental

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Campaign / Retail

Our brief was to create a mark for Woodie’s 30th Anniversary and roll this out in a campaign. It needed to be cognisant of Woodie’s product categories, have longevity for the year, create excitement and be engaging for their staff.

We wanted the diversity of Woodie’s experience to come across in their mark. Our approach was to celebrate the people and products that make Woodie's wonderful. We took a little licence and 'dipped' the 30 mark into a range of product categories; paint, plants, garden, barbecue, etc. and coupled it with playful copy such as 'Blooming for 30 years'. We even brought a fresh look to their uniforms. We went a step further with ‘The Big 30’ brand campaign, a totem to centre the year’s celebrations around. This was quite literally 'made of Woodie's'. We physically built a giant ‘30’ to showcase their products and to make the thirty year brand come to life. The documentation of its design and construction and the Woodie’s staff participation in that process allowed us to tell the story of an Irish brand that has built a community of colleagues and customers that appreciate what it means to be experts in DIY.