Beckett in the City Programme Design

Company SJ is an innovative Theatre Company which fuses research and performance to create an active artistic engagement between the two, currently presenting the work of Samuel Beckett for 21st century Ireland, and through that initial exploration for a wider international audience.

The design solution needed to represent both, promoting the performance in art centres and cultural institutions, as well as to give more detailed information about the play.

The programme was printed in black on yellow uncoated paper to provide connections with the performance, which took place on the street, lit with yellow lights in an enclosed area of Dublin 2. The contrast of light and darkness has been amplified by the use of black and white photography to enrich a visual narrative. The folded programme reflects our experience of flipping pages as a connection to classical literature, and the combination of poster and programme into one piece makes it possible to captivate a viewer, reflecting the enclosed setting of the play.

A2 folded to A5, uncoated
Typeset in Franklin Gothic and Letter Gothic

Designed by Jura Afanasjevs

Hazel Coonagh — Photographer
Futoshi Sakauchi — Photographer
Plus Print — Print

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