Ireland’s Edge – Migration Nation


Designed by Sarah Moloney at Sarah Moloney

Photographer: Cian McConn

Website Programmer: Rafael Ribeiro

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Music / Conference

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Ireland’s Edge is a conference on creativity in Ireland. It is held in Dingle as part of the Other Voices festival each year. It brings together thinkers from a range of disciplines over a series of two days to discuss relevant questions and present ideas and solutions. This years theme was on Migration Nation.

Working together with the Ireland’s Edge team we created a style for the conference. The design gave the idea of being on the edge through the photography and being new and relevant through the use of bright colour. As it is linked to the Other Voices festival I adopted certain elements from that identity (in the use of typeface and gradients). So while it has it’s own look, it is also linked back to the main festival and is part of that family.