Java Republic (2014)

2014 Selection

Designed by Kathryn Wilson at Slater Design

Photography: Matthew Thompson

Categories: Identity / Print

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Art direction / Food and drink / Coffee

We have been working with Java Republic over the past few years, initially on their point of sale and more recently to help them communicate their brand more effectively and consistently. When we first began working with Java Republic we undertook a brand audit and quickly established that because of the name and a heavy reliance on images taken on their visits to coffee plantations they were not widely recognised as an Irish company, hand-roasting their coffee at a roastery here in Dublin.

In order to change this misconception we art directed a photo shoot at the roastery which communicated their artisan process and the hand-roasting techniques employed by roasters Pete and Jolanta. This photography was used widely on print and point of sale materials and we worked to ensure the brand was consistently applied on all communications.