100 x NLI Web Archive 2019

20th June 2019
by Aislinn Purcell

Cover image: 100 x NLI Web Archive 2019

In late 2017 we began a partnership with the Digital Collections Department in the National Library of Ireland to include 100 Archive website selections in the National Web Archive. While almost all 100 Archive website selections were included in a domain crawl in late 2017 (a large scale crawl of the national web), every year a small selection of websites from the 100 Archive are included in the National Web Archive’s selective crawl, creating as true a preservation of a website and its functionality as is possible. The websites included in the selective crawl in 2018 are:

Design West
Designed by Noelle Cooper, Conor Clarke, Neasa Ronayne at Unthink 
Archive Selection 2017 

District Magazine 
Designed by Simon Sweeney, Oscar Torrans at osim 
Archive Selection 2014

Freedom Unlimited
Designed by Killian Walsh, Jake Heaveyat Grandson 
Archive Selection 2017 

Making Ireland Modern
Designed by Diarmuid Slattery at New Graphic 
Archive Selection 2016 

Bingo Lingo Clock
Designed by Karl Toomey, Scott Burnett, Kevin Horan 
Archive Selection 2015 

Face Forward
Designed by Simon Sweeney, Seán Mongey at Post, BONG 
Archive Selection 2015 

Red C
Designed by Paula McEntee at Red Dog 
Archive Selection 2015 

Craft and Design Enterprise
Designed by Scott Burnett,Shane Delahunty, Kevin Horan at Aad 
Included in Archive Selection 2012 

H&G Creations
Designed by George Beattie at Indigo & Cloth 
Archive Selection 2015 

Aside from the new additions, the following 100 Archive selected websites are already part of Ireland’s national web archive (along with 100archive.com):

Architecture Tours Ireland
Designed by Conor Nolan and David Wall at WorkGroup
Archive selected in 2010

Fire Station Artists' Studios
Designed by Karen Hanratty at Pixel Design
Archive selected in 2010

Article Dublin
Designed by Robert Farrelly, Alan Crehan, Seán Mongey, Fiona O’Leary at Junior 
Archive selected in 2010

Designed by David Garavin at New Graphic
Archive selected in 2011

Matthew Hilton Gallery
designed by Dan Flynn at Spin
Archive selected in 2011

Inis Meáin 
Designed by Brian Nolan, Seán Mongey, Billy Brady at Detail. Design Studio
Archive selected in 2012

Help My Kid Learn
Designed by Scott Burnett, Shane Delahunty at Aad
Archive selected in 2012

Delfina Foundation  
Designed by Dan Flynn at Spin
Archive selected in 2012

AGI Open
Designed by Dan Flynn at Spin 
Archive selected in 2013

Galway International Arts Festival 
Designed by Karen Hanratty at Pixel Design
Archive selected in 2014

Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre
Designed by Conor Nolan, David Wall at WorkGroup
Archive selected in 2014

Irish Design 2015
Designed by David Wall, Damien Gahan, Conor Nolan at WorkGroup 
Archive selected in 2015

Designed by Éanna O’Shea at Image Now
Archive selected in 2015

Designed by Kathryn Wilson at Slater Design and Paula McEntee at Red Dog
Archive selected in 2016

Designed by Naoise Ó Conchubhair, Holly Brennan, Jura Afanasjevs, Brian Nolan, Paul McBride at Detail. Design Studio
Archive selected in 2016

Fringe Festival
Designed by Stacie Heffernan, Eric Stynes, Scott Burnett at Aad
Archive selected in 2017

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