Since 2013 the studio has been engaged with Azouro founder Stephen Firth in designing and implementing this new brands identity. The first milestone in the brands application was reached in late 2014 when Azouro’s new bottle arrived from Portugal.

The studio was asked to create a strong identity and consequently a bottle design that reflected the culture of the oils country of origin, Portugal, specifically the region of Trás-os-Montes. A cornerstone of the clients brief was to take inspiration from Portugal’s unique heritage of decorative tiling. Portugal is renowned for the use of porcelain tiling in its architecture. Having spent a number of years living in Portugal with his family Stephen was adamant that this aspect become a foundation for any designs that would be created. Our designs were intended to reference this cultural aspect whilst at the same time providing an abstract design that conveys the fluidity of the actual product, PDO olive oil. Significant Consideration was given to how the bottles would eventually be displayed in the marketplace. To this end the patterns design was developed to exploit the finished design when the product was displayed in multiples creating a continuous effect to its design.